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Progressive text and communication bureau based in The Hague (NL)

English & Dutch

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Stay Sane, Stay Safe (2020, COVID-19 period) Text + communication + PR + social media

FFS, Why can't I Get this to work?

You must be laughing your ass off right now!

Leiden University (2018 - 2020) Social media strategy + copy + content creation


And actually a whole lot more.



Story time

This page should and could be way nicer (don't bust my balls, okay?), but let me tell you a story why "It is what it is".

If you got here thanks to the Stay Sane, Stay Safe project, which is what I'm guessing, you should also know a bit more about how I got involved.

I've been writing for five years now. I've started out with the first and only blog in the Dutch surfing scene. This turned out to be a minor success.

Five years, and a whole lot of freelance gigs, later I thought it was finally time to start my own text bureau.


Which is Dutch for going over the line (i.e. taking samething too far), but it officially also has something to do with an error in printing serif fonts.

Anyways,  March 21st I emailed two friends of mine (Studio Lennarts & de Bruijn) if they could hook me up with a website and some brand identity stuff.

The next day they replied positively, but asked if I wanted to join in on a project they had started that very same day.

And that, kids, is how I got involved in "Stay Sane, Stay Safe". And that's also why this website is still so shitty.

We're still working around the clock to keep the entire operation running. After that you'll get a juicy page, I promise.k

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