Red Bull: Straight Rhythm

3.3 million organic views! 🤯 Each year Red Bull organizes Straight Rhythm. A straight obstacle race between two-stroke bikes. This year they wanted to tease the track and promote the event in a special way. Together with Leonardo Ugolini and Red Bull Media House.

It’s simple. Since this event is being held every single year, you run out of options to tease a track. Top that with high-demanding fans and you need to come up with something special.

Since the 2022 edition was the first edition that was actually being held on the beach. Huntington Beach (CA) to be precise. The only logical thing would be to promote this years event sand style. So, who you gonna call?

Leonardo Ugolini. Or well, technically me, since I help Leo out with this stuff.

Red Bull Media House

Working with Red Bull has been a bliss. At first I was a bit reserved, because I know how demanding it can be to work with (outsourced) marketing teams/companies. All my scepticism faded when first meeting with Red Bull Media House. From the get-go they were open to our expertise in how to tackle this production and reach the most viewers.

With over 3.3 million viewers organically, we can surely say mission accomplished.