Progressive concept, strategy & production bureau

Stance heavily influenced by music, gaming, surfing and internet culture. Working with all kinds of cool parties balls deep 🍒 into art + culture + sports + fashion + music + science. English & Dutch. On the WWW and in print. 🌎

Progressive means diving into newly developing (online) cultures and (social) media, but also shows the love for using and exploring new wor(l)ds. Partly thanks to a background in (neuro)psychology, but mostly an ever omnipresence online, I know how people communicate (online) and what medium to apply. 🧠

Tricks include developing concepts, creating verbal identities/writing/copy/editing, social media, PR + communication, shooting & editing video, photography, podcasting and all of their accompanying creative strategies. As long as you give treats you will get the whole shabang. Luckily, since 2015, I’ve had the honor to work with a lot of cool and interesting cats whom I brag about over here! 🐆


The Guardian + PRI’s The World + Insider + Volkskrant + It’s Nice That +The Brand Identity + PRINT + Creative Boom + Dutch Culture + Dd Magazine + 6SURF Magazine


🏆 2021 Dutch Design Award, Communication ~ STAY SANE, STAY SAFE ~ With Studio Lennarts & De Bruijn 🏆