Bark against existential dread

Bark against existential dread is a graphic novel by the extremely talented Simeon van den Ende. The novel is about a personified dog named Bark who is in conflict with Life. They used to be friends, but now they’ve become mortal enemies because Bark is not happy with how Life has become. The entire town joins Bark in the fight and it escalates from there.

The genres of this graphic novel are philosophical, humor and fantasy. It is filled to the brim with dark humor, witty paradoxes and cynicism all around, in short: existentialism galore.

As Simeon mentioned in his graphic novel, he has to choose which mountains to climb himself. I decided to jump in and get him started online. While actually gaining a decent following on Instagram by himself, I helped Simeon further venture into the online realm by building him a webshop and setting up a Patreon page to create a livelihood by filling it with content and merchandising.

Our goal is to get Bark published in which I will help Simeon along the way with marketing, communication, PR and merchandising.