Philip Vermeulen

Philip Vermeulen is a The Hague-based Dutch artist who makes large-scale installations as part of ongoing research in altering psychological states through the manipulation of primary phenomena of light sound and movement. Philip’s work continues a lineage of experimental art from the Zero art movement, sound art, kinetic sculptures, and audiovisual arts.

He creates what he calls hypersculptures, kinetic sculptures that move at such a high speed that they change our perception of the physical properties of these materials. In these environments, fans spin at a rate that splits white light into distinct colours, soft materials vibrate and ripple so fast that they appear to stand still, and with the stimulation of stroboscopic lights, ghostly images are summoned from your brain to the surface of your retinas.

Philip makes truly amazing work. They’re big, bold and bombastic in a lot of ways. You can feel his work within your guts. It’s visceral. Philip’s work might seem to sell itself easily, and while it does in a lot of ways, there’s still a lot of challenges in terms of documentation, communication, marketing and PR.

I’ve helped Philip structurize, strategize, formatize and execute all of those elements to make sure his works and story get presented in the best way possible.